David Atkinson, a Podiatrist from Cambridge & Peterborough Foundation Trust Podiatry Services tells us why he recommends Voxelcare to NHS Trusts who want to manufacture their own bespoke orthoses.


We chose voxelcare to reduce cost on the service as we used to source bespoke orthoses from outside contractors. We also wanted to provide better bespoke orthoses.


Before we purchased the voxelcare system, we used a variety of prefabricated orthoses.

We can now manufacture bespoke orthoses inhouse with a quicker turn around and cheaper cost on the service, and without the mess of casting. We are also able to offer patients a variety of different orthoses products due to single and multi-layered density of materials that are available. 


The benefits for our clinic are:

  • Patients get their orthoses in a much timely manner.
  • Quick and easy to manufacture once you are used to the software program.
  • Cheaper than outsourcing to other orthotic manufacturers.
  • Better patient reported outcomes so far.
  • Able to outsource to other NHS services and private practices for income generation.


I would highly recommend the Voxelcare system for all MSK NHS practices. Scanning, creating and manufacturing your insoles can be done in a timely manner and is easy to do once you have become accustomed to using the software.

So far we have manufactured around 400 pairs of orthoses and had some excellent patient reported outcomes and are now looking at outsourcing to private practices and other NHS services for income generation.

The team at Algeos and Voxelcare were excellent in setting up and providing training on how to use the software and machine.

100% an excellent addition to the service.

I would 100% recommend voxelcare