Product Description

• Made of light alloy.
• Adjustable assist strength.
• The PF2233, PF2235 and PF2237 pairs of joints come with a spacer allowing you to use either 16mm x 4mm or 18mm x 5mm uprights.

Straight Lateral Joint: A.
Curved Medial Joint: B or C.


Code Leg Kit Includes Upright Section Recommended Upright Compatible Stirrup
PF2233 Left & Right A + A 16mm x 4mm or
18mm x 5mm
PF2575 - Carbon, 16mm x 4mm
PF2585 - Carbon, 16mm x 4mm
PF2589 - Aluminium, 16mm x 4mm
PF2593 - Carbon, 18mm x 5mm
PF2603 - Carbon, 18mm x 5mm
PF2607 - Aluminum, 18mm x 5mm
See page 452.
PF2235 Left A + B
PF2237 Right A + C
PF2247 Left & Right A + A 22mm x 6mm PF2611 - Carbon, 22mm x 6mm
PF2621 - Carbon, 22mm x 6mm
PF2625 - Aluminum, 22mm x 6mm
PF2249 Left A + B
PF2251 Right A + C