Poron on Poron LAMS - Two Poron Grades Laminated

Discover the ultimate in comfort and durability with Poron on Poron LAMS!


Experience the perfect combination of two premium Poron grades laminated together for unmatched cushioning and support. Whether you're on your feet all day or need extra comfort in your shoes, Poron on Poron LAMS provides superior shock absorption and long-lasting performance.

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Product Description

Poron on Poron LAMS:

Poron LAMS, featuring two Poron grades laminated together, presents a compelling solution for enhanced cushioning and support. The unique properties of Poron material make it a top choice for various applications, from insoles to industrial uses.

The manufacturing process of Poron foam ensures consistent quality and performance. When compared to other materials, Poron stands out due to its superior cushioning system and durability. Its innovative technology offers a winning combination of comfort and resilience.

For those seeking reliable suppliers of Poron foam sheets or looking to explore the diverse applications of this advanced material, understanding the benefits of Poron LAMS with its distinct grades can be a game-changer in product development and design.


The Aortha Poron on Poron LAMS (Laminated) is a pre-laminated combination sheet that combines two different grades of PORON material.


  • Everyday Material Combinations: Tried and trusted combination of PORON materials.

  • Real PORON: Ensures high performance and unrivaled quality.

  • Range of High-Quality Covering Materials: Suitable for various applications.

  • Microban Infused: Provides antimicrobial properties.

  • Sheet Size: Each sheet measures 1m x 0.68m.


  • Increases Manufacturing Efficiency: Speeds up manufacturing processes.

  • Long-Lasting: Ensures durability for enduring appliances.

  • Cost-Effective: Saves time and reduces waste.

  • No Mess: Eliminates the need to create custom combinations.

  • Antimicrobial: Provides added hygiene benefits.

Common Uses:

  • Orthotic Manufacturing: Used for orthotic linings and components.

  • Prosthetic Fabrication: Suitable for prosthetic linings.

  • Footwear Industry: Used in shoe manufacturing for insole covers.

  • Custom Appliances: Ideal for various orthopedic and podiatric devices.

Remember, Aortha Poron on Poron LAMS offers convenience, performance, and versatility in orthotic and prosthetic applications.


The combinations listed here are just a selection of Algeos’ most popular Lams.
To discuss your requirements please call us for a quote, stating your required material combinations. 
Sheet Size: 1m x 0.68m
Minimum order requirements may apply.


Elevate your comfort game today with Poron on Poron LAMS - the choice for those who demand the best in cushioning and support!