Poron on Poron LAMS

Aortha LAMs are pre-laminated, combination sheets combining PORON to PORON and PORON to Plastazote.
Designed to speed up your manufacturing processes, these carefully selected combination sheets are ready to be cut to shape to use straight off the shelf. 
As low as £77.88

Product Description

Poron on Poron LAMS Features:

  • Everyday material combinations - tried and trusted
  • ‘Real’ PORON - ensures high performance 
  • Range of high quality covering materials to suit your needs
  • Microban infused Poron that lasts

Poron on Poron LAMS Benefits: 

  • Increases manufacturing efficiency - speed up your processes
  • Long lasting for enduring appliances
  • Cost effective 
  • No more mess and waste making your own combinations
  • Antimicrobial 
The combinations listed here are just a selection of Algeos’ most popular Lams.
To discuss your requirements please call us for a quote, stating your required material combinations. 
Sheet Size: 1m x 0.68m
Minimum order requirements may apply.