Start Foot

How to correctly set the Start Foot before or after the execution of the test.

The Starting Foot can be defined during the creation of a test (see Test > 'Define / Modify Test'), or afterward - keeping it as 'undefined' - during the analysis.

We have to distinguish what is the definition of the start foot starting between tests on modular meters, or on a treadmill.

Sprint and Gait Test on modular systems

  • Starting outside the test area: the starting foot is the first one to touch the ground inside the area;
  • Starting inside the test area: the starting foot is the one with the first contact after the beginning of the test.

Assigning the starting foot after a test has been carried out is done in the 'Results' area. From 'View', open the 'Configure' menu, select 'First Contact Time' from 'Parameter Research' and, viewing the first contact time from the 'Data' window, right-click on the relevant line. At this point, select 'Change starting foot' from the displayed menu and make your choice.

e.g. In the following picture the athlete enters the Optojump test area with his RIGHT foot (as you can see in the video) and then, using the menu, it is possible to assign that foot (confirmed by the green footprint below).

Should you realize that the assigned starting foot is wrong, just follow the above-stated procedure and switch the selection.

Treadmill Running Test and Treadmill Gait Test

In this case the foot touching the ground after the START command is assigned as starting foot.

If the START is assigned during a double support, as occurs quite often in Gait Tests, the starting foot is the one in front on the Treadmill.

eg. Looking the below picture, if we have defined starting foot is the right one, we should press START at this moment (considering there is a little lag between key press and start of test).

Of course it is possible to do this afterwards using the same method described above for the Sprint and Gait Tests on modular systems (even as regards possible foot assigning errors).

Treadmill Running Test: assigning the starting foot

Treadmill Gait Test: assigning the starting foot (double support)

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