French Chalk Talcum Powder

Unleash the power of a superior industrial lubricant that outperforms the rest.


French Chalk Unscented talcum powder is the go-to solution for industrial applications that require a high-performance, dry lubricant. Made from the finest quality talc, this versatile powder offers exceptional lubrication, reducing friction and wear on machinery. Unlike greasy or liquid lubricants, French Chalk leaves no messy residue, making it the clean and efficient choice for a wide range of industrial processes.

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Product Description

French chalk Talcum Powder:

French Chalk Unscented industrial talcum powder is a versatile and essential material with a wide range of industrial applications. As a dry lubricant, this fine, powdery mineral offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

The unique properties of French Chalk make it an indispensable choice for numerous industrial processes. Its low coefficient of friction and ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures make it an ideal lubricant for machinery, equipment, and components that operate under demanding conditions.

Talc powder's inert nature and chemical stability ensure it does not react with or contaminate the materials it comes into contact with. This makes it a safe and effective lubricant for use in food processing, pharmaceutical, and other sensitive industries where purity and cleanliness are of the utmost importance.


French chalk, also known as industrial talcum powder or unscented talc, is a versatile substance used in various applications.


  • Dry Lubricant: French chalk acts as a dry lubricant, reducing friction between surfaces.

  • Magnesium Silicate: It is composed of magnesium silicate, making it a fine powder.

  • Broad Range of Uses: French chalk finds applications in various fields due to its unique properties.


  • Reduced Friction: When applied, it minimizes friction between moving parts.

  • Prevents Sticking: Used to prevent sticking between rubber seals, wooden parts, or inner tube repairs.

  • Lubrication: It serves as a lubricant for drawer runners, sliding cupboard doors, and other wooden components.

  • Stropping Compound: French chalk can be used as a stropping compound for sharpening blades.

  • Thickener for Shellac: It thickens shellac for woodworking applications.

  • Grease Stain Removal: Sprinkled over grease stains on clothing, it aids in removal.

Common Uses:

  • Woodworking: Lubricating wooden parts, reducing squeaking, and preventing sticking.

  • Metalworking: Used as a lubricant during metalworking processes.

  • Bicycle Maintenance: Prevents inner tube sticking and eases tire changes.

  • Tailoring: Used in muslin pounce bags for transferring layout lines.

  • General Workshop Applications: French chalk is handy for various tasks.



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