Electric 5-motor Podiatry Chair


Revolutionize your podiatry practice with our Electric 5 Motor Podiatry Chair!


Say goodbye to manual adjustments! This innovative chair features motorised leg rests for effortless height adjustment, ensuring optimal comfort for both the patient and the practitioner. It is a Class I Medical Device designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Product Description

The Electric 5 Motor Podiatry Chair Features:

When it comes to providing top-notch care for your patients, having the right equipment is crucial. In the world of podiatry, investing in a motorised podiatry chair with leg rests can make all the difference in ensuring both comfort and efficiency during treatments.

One key feature to look out for in a motor podiatry chair is motorised leg rests. These innovative chairs offer effortless height adjustment, allowing practitioners to easily position patients for optimal treatment without straining themselves. The convenience of adjustable height ensures that both patients and practitioners are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Class I medical devices like motorised podiatry chairs not only enhance the overall patient experience but also streamline workflow in a medical setting. With features such as motorised leg rests, these chairs provide versatility and precision in foot care treatments.


The Electric 5 Motor Podiatry Chair is a versatile and advanced medical device designed for podiatry treatments.

Motorized Adjustments:

  • Effortless Height Adjustment: The chair’s motorized leg rests allow precise and convenient height adjustments.
  • Motorized Leg Rests: Provides flexibility and comfort during treatments.

Regulated Device:

  • The chair is registered in the UK as Class I medical device.
  • Ensures safety and quality standards.


  • Podiatry Clinics: Ideal for podiatrists and foot care specialists.
  • Medical Practices: Suitable for various medical procedures.
  • Patient Comfort: The motorized leg rests enhance patient comfort during examinations and treatments.

Whether you’re adjusting the chair’s height or positioning the leg rests, the Electric 5 Motor Podiatry Chair offers reliability and ease of use.


Features of 5 Motors:

Motor 1&2:

Dual Motor up and down for each leg separetly.  


Motor 3:

Back rest back and forth.  



Motor 4:

Whole Chair Trendelenburg Tilt  



Motor 5:

Whole Chair up and Down.  



Dual Extra Extension for each leg:

Dual Extra Extension for each Leg separetly.


Manual Handle Chair Base Rotation:





Two Controlers:

1- Hand Controller:

2- Foot Controller:


 Product Features & Benefits:

  • Up & down movement with low entry height of 58 cm for wheel chair transfer and
     100 cm at maximum height when seat rest tilted up to 10°. Height ranges from 58cm 
    to 88cm when the chair is in a flat position.
  • 200kg/ 440 lb safe working load tested.
  • World leading LINAK ‘High Reliability’ actuators
  • Back rest range up to 85 degrees
  • The seat rest can be tilted at an angle and swirl aside to a max. of 60 degrees
  • Leg rest area swirl aside to a max. of 90 degrees. Each leg rest swirl to a 70 degree
  • Seat and back controls included as standard, via hand controller.
  • Cushioned plug-in headrest included as standard.
  • CE Marked and Class I Medical Device, MHRA registered in the UK. 
  • 1 year warranty. Spare parts available.

Dimensions: L 192cm x W 80 cm (including arm rests) x H 58 cm (minimum)
Net weight: 82 kg/ 181 lb

Upholstery:Upholstered in durable and comfortable Medical grade synthetic leather, fire 
 retardant quality by UK Standards. 

Can be disinfected with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide-based daily cleaning products.

Colours: Navy blue as standard. Please contact us for other colours. 

Delivery: 2-man delivery by Algeos Team, geographical location charges may 

Servicing/Repairs: carried out by Algeos Servicing Team. 

Finance: To discuss financing options for this product, please call us on 0151 4481228



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Upgrade to the 5 Motor Podiatry Chair today and take your practice to new heights!