Darco Toe Alignment Splint Testimonial

DARCO TAS Toe Alignment Splint - NHS testimonial
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust provides services to over 2.5 million residents of Nottingham and its surrounding communities.
The Trust has been using the DARCO Toe Alignment Splint for post-operative treatment since 2008.

Here, Senior Orthotist Edith Cleaver of Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham explains why it is so useful for their department.

The Product

Why choose the DARCO Toe Alignment Splint?
The TAS is an effective and inexpensive way of maintaining correct alignment of the toes during the healing process.
A thin elastic metatarsal band reduces slippage and soft toe straps hold the toes in the correct position to maintain alignment following surgery to correct hallux valgus, hammer toes or Tailor’s bunions.
The device can also be used in the treatment of capsulitis plantar to the m.p. joints caused by mild subluxations of the joint.
Other benefits include:
• Low profile metatarsal bans fits easily into most footwear and reduces slippage
• Soft toe straps will not irritate skin
• Special T-Strap gently guides toes into proper alignment for post-procedural healing
• One size fits all
• Latex free
• Cost-effective solution
• Can be worn on the right or left foot
• Fits easily into most foot wear

What have been the benefits for your patients?
Edith says: “We have been using the Toe Alignment Splints for over eight years now. I use them a few times a year, typically after hallux valgus, toe surgery or for pain relief before.

“Patients have found them comfortable and very easy to use. I like the fact you can use it on the lesser toes as well, that the splint is easy to put on and take off and for patients to adjust themselves.”

How does the TAS help improve your service delivery?
Edith says: “We are a busy department. We see 12,000 patients a year and have a team of nine orthotists treating a huge variety of conditions.

“Every day we are dealing with patients with foot and ankle conditions, neurological conditions and spinal and fracture management issues.

“We are also busy with paediatric patients with conditions including flat feet, hypermobility and congenital Talipes Equinovarus.

“The TAS is a cost effective solution.”

“Comfortable and easy to use for patients and a cost effective solution for the Trust.”