Unidirectional Sheets - Carbonfibre


Unidirectional is maximum strength in one direction. Good for uprights, insoles and general appliance strengthening.

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Product Description

Unidirectional Sheets - Carbonfibre Features:

TFC (Thermoformable Composite) is a versatile thermoformable carbon composite material. TFC combines the high localised strength of carbon composite with the modeling properties of thermoplastics.

Available in unidirectional and bidirectional, the carbon fibres are interwoven with a revolutionary thermoplastic fibre that allows the material to be heated and formed at lower temperatures.

This thermoplastic material also acts as a high-strength matrix for active performance and flexibility. TFC can be simply custom formed to your mould with a heat gun or by placing the material into an oven.

Your custom lay-up is then placed in an oven under vacuum at a maximum of 221°C for 30-45 minutes to consolidate the lay-up into one piece for an individual orthotic or prosthetic solution. TFC is also fully heat remouldable, and allows adjustable fitting just like thermoplastics.