Aortha PPC Orthotic Blanks

Ready to use, orthotic blanks made from Aortha PPC in a variety of colours for a quick, high quality custom orthotic. 

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Product Description

Ready-to-use, orthotic blanks cut from Aortha PPC (Copolymer Polypropylene) in a variety of colours for a quick, high quality custom Foot Orthotic.

Aortha PPC has excellent physical characteristics, particularly for applications where impact strength and heat resistance is important. The ability of Polypropylene to yield pressure and torque, yet consistently return to its form without fatiguing, will eliminate distortion and ensure a resilient final appliance.

Typical thermoforming temperatures: 180-200°C.


Aortha PPC Orthotic Blanks Features:

  • Lightweight with good rigidity
  • Good impact resistance
  • Produces robust Orthoses
  • 3 Colours to suit your requirements.
  • High performance PPC
  • Economically priced
  • Formulated for high resistance to cracking, impact and general fatigue
  • Blank sizing allows for deep heel cups and directional rigidity for greater foot control.

Aortha PPC Orthotic Blanks Benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and time saving solution
  • Space saving - easy to store
  • Cost effective - no need to order huge sheets
  • Reduced wastage - less excess just thrown away

*sold in 10 pair packs*


Usage advice - How to use

The new Polypropylene has a higher level of ductility than the previous polypropylene which enables enhanced levels of moulding accuracy and less post moulding creep.    

Below is our recommended method of use with a standard Algeos vacuum press.

  1. Set oven temperature to 185°C.
  2. Remove protective film from both sides of the pre-cut  Polypropylene blank.
  3. Place on a flat surface in the oven. If possible allow 2cm of the polypropylene to hang over the edge of the heating shelf.
  4. Heat at 185°C for 6 minutes or until the over hanging polypropylene bends under it’s own weight to 45°.
  5. Transfer to the rectified plaster of paris cast on the platen of the Algeos vacuum press.
  6. Evacuate the air from the vacuum press as quickly as possible to avoid  trapped air on the surface of the moulding
  7. Allow the vacuum formed Polypropylene to cool naturally
  8. Trim and finish device as desired.