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Winner Neuromuscular Stimulator & TENS 4 Channels with accessories

Winner Neuromuscular Stimulator

Winner Neuromuscular Stimulator & TENS 4 Channels with accessories 

Reference: PX1908

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WINNER® is a neuromuscular stimulator for palmar electroanalgesia of the last generation with an ergonomic modern design, suitable for sports, fitness and well-being.

This device has four independent stimulation channels for bandwidth adjustment. The stimulation is DC controlled and the user can exploit two different protocols in order to treat different parts of the body or different people.

It can be programmed and each protocol can correspond to a sequence of as many as 5 phases.

The WINNER® comes complete with 600 preset programmes. This system is suitable for treatments, training, with personalised cycles and sequences thanks to the 100 users programmes supplied with it.

WINNER® can work with a battery, as well as plugged into the mains.

It is easy to use: A graph display (128x64 pixels) allows the operator to keep all the functions under control.

The user interface, equipped with a membrane keyboard, has a modern and professional look.

WINNER® is the most interesting technological evolution in the panorama of palmar stimulators.



  • 8 adhesive electrodes (dim. 45 x 50mm)
  • 8 adhesive electrodes (dim. 50 x 90mm)
  • 4 round adhesive electrodes (diameter 24mm)
  • 4 cables (green, white, red and blue) to connect the electrodes to the appliance
  • 1 (rechargeable) battery in your WINNER®
  • 1 power supply adapter
  • 1 case



Medical Device Class: IIa (Dir.93/42/CEE)
Power Supply: 230V
Network Frequency: 50-60Hz
Absorbed Power: 6 Watt
Rechargeable Battery: 8,4V 1000mA/h Ni-MH
Wave Shape: Rectangular two-phase symmetrically compenated wave
Pulse Duration: Adjustable 50µS to 500µS
Output Channels: 4 independent channels
Weight: 450g
Dimensions: 170 x 100 x 40mm


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