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Company News

Walking in Giant Footsteps, Literally

Today, Friday 5th October, Liverpool and Wirral will awake to the sound of some very large footsteps as the world-famous Royal de Luxe Giants take to the streets for the very last time.

The Giant, Little Boy Giant and Xolo will walk over 20 miles telling the story of Liverpool's Dream, the final chapter in a story that has spanned some 6 years.

Algeos are very excited that our very own Viki Boult, Marcomms Manager, is part of the Giant Spectacular team who will accompany the Little Boy Giant alongside canine companion Xolo on their journey.

Viki said "I couldn't have been more excited or proud when I was offered the role of Media Assistant.  I will join the Benevol Stewards who travel with each Giant, though I will have specific responsibility for assisting and managing members of the media."

Volunteers have demanding roles as they need to be physically fit to be able to walk long distances, have a good level of stamina and be comfortable in large crowds.  This can be tough on the feet!  Luckily Viki says, "I'm in the right day job as I work for Algeos (Medical Distributor), so I put in a word to see if they could help my feet out over the 3 days."  Shaun Large, Algeos Technical Sales and Material Expert came back with a perfect orthotic solution using materials which the company supplies. 

Shaun devised for Viki an orthotic made from a Slimflex Berry with PORON XRD® Extreme Impact Protection, and Silana, a microfibre top cover.  

The Slimflex Berry is hardwearing and naturally absorbs shock at heel strike, plus as it’s slightly wider it is perfect for walking shoes and boots. 

PORON XRD® is the best multiple impact protection material, which allows for soft, non-constricting padding and cushioning while still absorbing more than 90% of energy when impacted.  As it is lightweight and flexible, it is like a ‘second skin’.  So, it will not constrict Viki’s freedom of movement or range of motion, and will be comfortable and breathable.

Then to ensure extra comfort, we covered the orthotic in Silana, a synthetic suede material which is exceptionally soft and supple.  

We’ve also given Viki some ShearBan patches which are perfect for reducing friction and providing long lasting protection against blisters.

Viki putting her new orthotics into her walking shoes

All in all, Viki’s feet will be totally protected and capable of walking in giant footsteps for miles and miles……

to see what the Giants are up to view the interactive map here

to learn more about any of the products featured in Viki’s ‘giant’ orthotics visit;