Twin-Tip Monofilaments peripheral neuropathy

Safeguard your feet with the ultimate neuropathy testing device.


The Diaped Twin-Tip is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that combines thermal discrimination and sensory perception testing in a single, easy-to-use device. Designed with the unique needs of diabetic patients in mind, this validated instrument accurately assesses the presence of peripheral neuropathy in the feet - a critical protective function that is often compromised in those with diabetes.

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Product Description

Twin-Tip Monofilaments peripheral neuropathy:

This dual combination diagnostic device is a validated, unique tool for testing the presence of symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in the feet. The Diaped Twin-Tip is designed to assess both thermal discrimination and sensory perception, which are essential protective functions of the body, particularly for diabetics.

The device is made from two materials - carbon and steel - that have different conduction properties, allowing patients to feel the temperature difference in the case of neuropathy. One end of the twin-tip features a mechanism for a 10g monofilament, which is included with the device along with 100 interchangeable monofilaments.

Additionally, a desktop cooling stand is available for use with the Diaped Twin-Tip. This stand, made of steel, helps keep the steel twin-tip colder for longer periods, enhancing the device's functionality and accuracy in testing thermal sensation. The stand is sold separately, providing users with a comprehensive solution for assessing peripheral neuropathy in the feet.


The Diaped Twin-Tip is a validated and unique combination diagnostic device designed for testing the presence of symptoms related to peripheral neuropathy in the feet.


  • Dual Combination: The Twin-Tip tests both essential protective functions:

    • Thermal Discrimination: Evaluates the ability to perceive temperature differences (warm/cold) in the feet.

    • Sensory Perception: Assesses overall sensory function.

  • Materials: The Twin-Tip is made from two distinct materials:

    • Carbon: Provides specific conduction properties.

    • Steel: Enhances temperature perception.

  • 10g Monofilament Mechanism: One end of the Twin-Tip features a retractable 10g monofilament for sensory testing.

  • 100 Replacement Monofilaments: Easily removable and disposable monofilaments to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Desktop Cooling Stand: An optional cooling stand (made of steel) keeps the Twin-Tip colder for extended periods.


  • Non-Invasive: The Twin-Tip offers a simple and safe test without invasive procedures.

  • Economical: An economical solution for assessing peripheral neuropathy.

  • Rapid Results: Provides quick results for clinical evaluation.

  • Validated: Supported by clinical research.

Common Uses:

  • Diabetic Foot Care: Particularly important for diabetics due to the protective functions of thermal discrimination and sensory perception.

  • Clinics and Podiatry Practices: Used by healthcare professionals to assess neuropathy symptoms.

  • Research and Screening: Valuable for research studies and early detection.



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