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Sterile Latex-Free Tourniquets


Sterile Latex-Free Tourniquets 

Product Features:



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Simple and easy to use, sterile, latex-free and individually packaged.
Emergency physicians, podiatrists, and hand surgeons around the world have used the tourniquet for over 20 years. These tourniquets make it safe and easy to achieve haemostasis on fingers and toes. Reliable haemostasis can help reduce missed diagnosis and complications.
Features & Benefits:
  • Simple and Easy to Use. Saves valuable time over improvised methods to improve workflow.
  • Nearly Instant Haemostasis. Reliable pressure provides a visible field for effective treatment.
  • Professional Appearance. Sterile and individually packaged, the latex-free tourniquet communicates that safety comes first.
  • Minimise Risk. Bright colour-coded rings and tag make it easy to select size and almost impossible to forget.
  • Maximise Efficiency. Improvised methods of creating haemostasis still have material costs and can be a burden to apply. Using the Tourniquet is efficient.
Indications for use:
Digit lacerations and avulsions, nail and nailbed injuries, elective procedures, exploration of foreign bodies and deeper injuries. Use instructions on the tag and as directed by a physician or medical professional.

Pack Size: Sold individually.

Discount available: Benefit from a 10% discount when buying in 10's and 20% discount when buying in 25's of the same colour.

Which Tourniquet?
Yellow Tourniquet (small) is typically used on very small digits and paediatric patients.
Red Tourniquet (medium) is used typically on women’s and smaller adult digits.
Green Tourniqut (large) is our most commonly used size for adult digits.
Blue Tourniquet (extra-large) is used for very large digits and big toes.
How to use it:
  • The tourniquet glides onto digits smoothly especially with blood or Betadine in the field.
  • Use the tag to help pull the tourniquet over badly injured areas.
  • The tag can also be pulled in order to create space for severing the tourniquet from a digit after completion of a procedure.
  • This method of application squeezes blood from the digit before occluding the vessels. This creates a bloodless field and permits the practitioner to carry out any number of surgical procedures.
  • Easily removed by cutting using scissors.
  • Single use only.



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