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Surgical Scrub - 500ml - P


Surgical Scrub - 500ml - P 

Shipping: This product is only available in the UK.
Reference: NV0364

Pharmacy Item: Available only to HPC registered practitioners.


Hydrex Surgical Scrub is a premium anti-microbial hand and skin disinfectant with emollients. It is a licensed, chlorhexidine gluconate based formula with long lasting residual effect for added reassurance and protection. 
  • Hydrex Surgical Scrub contains the active ingredient chlorhexidine gluconate, providing a persistent and cumulative effective barrier for at least 6 hours1. This ensures Hydrex Surgical Scrub keeps killing bacteria long after application for added reassurance.
    Larson E ( 1995 ) APIC Guidelines.

  • Therapeutic indications:
    For use as an antiseptic hand wash, a pre-operative hand scrub and a pre-operative skin preparation to surgery.

  • Posology and method of administration:
    Antiseptic Hand Wash -
    wet the hands and forearms, apply 5 ml of skin cleanser and wash for one minute. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

    Pre-operative Surgical Scrub - wet hands and forearms, apply 5 ml of skin cleanser and wash for one minute, cleaning the finger nails with a brush. Rinse and repeat the procedure using a further 5 ml of skin cleanser and wash for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

    Pre-operative Skin Preparation - the patient should wash their whole body with 25 ml of the cleanser on at least two occasions, usually the day before and on the day of the operation.



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