Steroclenz Rapid Spray

Effective against Coronaviruses. 
A brand NEW approach to surface disinfection - Manufactured, tried and tested in the UK.
Product Description
Steroclenz Rapid is a powerful water-based foam for the rapid cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces. It has been independently tested (in the UK) in 'real world' conditions with proven contact times.
4 Hour Protection
Proven to provide 4 hour residual protection against bacteria and spores, and ensures 99.999% kill rates against germs in 60 seconds.
Cost Effective
The user can clearly target the area where the foam is required, creating a more even and consistent coverage, combined with the added advantage of a white foam, so that the user can see where the spray has been applied, which ensures a cost effective cleaning regime: the same area isn't cleaned twice!
500ml Spray.
Quick and easy surface disinfection
  • Cleaning blood and bodily fluid spills
  • Suited for all forms of commercial cleaning
  • Toilets, baby changing facilities, restaurants, offices etc
  • In fact any area prone to high risk of infection
  • Use between patients.