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Slimflex Simple - Full Length Chairside Foot Orthotic Kits

Slimflex Simple - Full Length Chairside Foot Orthotic Kits 


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Slimflex chairside kits are designed to provide the clinician with a simple and convenient solution to insole modification. Each kit contains a pair of full length Slimflex orthotics and adhesive backed posting wedges, allowing for both rearfoot and forefoot posts.

Kit contains:

  • 1 Pair of full length Slimflex insoles. (Choose from low, medium or high density).
  • 3.5° Left rearfoot post.
  • 3.5° Right rearfoot post.
  • 5° Left rearfoot post.
  • 5° Right rearfoot post.
  • 2 x Forefoot Wedge 5°.

Kit benefits:

  • Less waste for low volume users.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy storage.
  • Adhesive backed wedges for convenience.

Slimflex Simple Features:

Metatarsal raise - supports the metatarsal area and redistributes weight away from the ball of the foot.

Deep heel cup - supports the heel and reduces pressure by redistributing the body’s weight over a greater surface area on the sole of the foot, whlei stabilising the foot to provide greater control and support.

Medial flange - increases control of the medial aspect of the rearfoot. Providing correction, stabilisation, and gait training - increasing arch support.

Medial arch support and lateral control - improves misalignment of the foot. Aids in reducing pronation and improves sagittal plane control.


Size Chart:

Size Size UK Size EU
CS 12 - 13.5 30 - 32
CL 1 - 2.5 33 - 35
XS 3 - 4.5 36 - 38
S 5 - 6.5 39 - 40
M 7 - 8.5 41 - 42
L 9 - 10.5 43 - 44
XL 11 - 12.5 45 - 48
XXL 13 - 14.5 49 - 51



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