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Slimflex Green

Strengthened green EVA insole that provides increased support around the arch and heel areas.

Slimflex Berry

The Slimflex Berry is not only hard wearing and naturally absorbs shock at heel strike, but also has the possibili...

Slimflex Carbon

An EVA insole with a quick dry, moisture absorbing covering material and a carbon composite base that provides add...

Slimflex Amber

A contoured EVA insole with a high density EVA stabiliser, a deeper heel cup and a high longitudinal arch to provi...

Slimflex Comfort

Slimflex Comfort combines the superior contouring of Slimflex Simple with a finished soft fabric top cover.

Slimflex Simple

Designed for quick and effective chairside fitting, the Slimflex Simple is an excellent, cost-effective orthotic.

Slimflex EVA

EVA insoles.


DiamonDeb Style Foot Dresser 15cm (Autoclavable)

Professional DiamondDeb foot dresser


DiamonDeb Style Foot Dresser 20cm (Autoclavable)

Professional DiamondDeb foot dresser

RUCK Scalpel handle for blade No.3 - 12.5mm

RUCK Scalpel handle for blade No.3 - 12.5mm

Stainless steel scalpel handle for scalpel blades.

RUCKŪ Mobile Massage Couch

RUCKŪ Mobile Massage Couch

The 3-section RUCK Mobile Massage Couch, made from solid beechwo...