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Bodytonix Elastic Knee 4-Way Support

The Bodytonic Elastic 4-Way support provides compression and support for weak and injured knees.  

Bodytonix Elastic Knee 4-Way Support with Patella Pad

A four way stretch knee support with silicone patella ring to help with muscle strain and knee joint pain.

Bodytonix Foam Cervical Collar

Ideally suited to help maintain posture and support the neck following injury.

Bodytonix Functional Streamline Knee Brace

Ideally suited where restriction of movement is required following reconstructive surgery.

Bodytonix Give Ankle Brace

The Bodytonix® Give Ankle Brace is ideal for managing acute to chronic ankle sprains and instabilities, malleolar fractures, tendonitis, and pronation and supination indications.

Bodytonix Heroes Cast Shoe

The Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Cast Shoe helps protect the cast or bandage from becoming dirty.

Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Universal Adjustable Collar - Age 8-12

Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Adjustable Collar is ideal for use following acute neck pain or strain.

Bodytonix Heroes Standard Stirrup Universal Ankle Brace - Paediatric

Bodytonix Heroes Standard Stirrup Paediatric Ankle Brace is an excellent budget ankle brace for wearing immediately post ankle injury.

Bodytonix Heroes Universal Air/Gel Ankle Brace

Air-Gel Ankle Brace is designed with combined air and gel bladders for cold therapy and evenly distributed pressure

Bodytonix Heroes Wrist Brace with Abducted Thumb

Designed with dorsal stays to immobilise and support the wrist.

Bodytonix Hinged Knee Support

The Bodytonix Hinged Knee Support provides excellent support and compression of the knee.

Bodytonix Mesh Thumb Splint

Offers immobilisation of the thumb and anatomically contoured splint to stabilise the thumb joint.

Bodytonix Neoprene Knee Brace

The Bodytonix Neoprene Brace provides compression and support for weak and injured knees.

Bodytonix PE Thumb Splint

PE Thumb Splint.

Bodytonix Rib Belt

The Bodytonix Rib Belt is an elastic adjustable support belt that provides even distribution of pressure and support helping to relieve pain in the affected area. 

Bodytonix Rigid Finger Splints

The Bodytonix Rigid Finger Splints protect and support the joints of the finger.