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Adjustable Bodytonix Postural Support

The Adjustable Bodytonix® Clavicle Support is ideal for maintaining correct posture.

Bodytonix 4-way Palm Brace Support

A lightweight knitted stretch elastic material that provides support with flexibility for wrist pain.

Bodytonix Cervical Collar

Comfortable and lightweight collar that is ideally suited to help maintain posture and support the neck.

Bodytonix Heroes 3 Panel Knee Paediatric Immobiliser

Ideally suited for post-operative immobilisation following injury or following fracture cast removal.

Bodytonix Heroes Classic Paediatric Walking Boot

The Bodytonix Heroes Classic Paediatric Walking Boot is ideally suited following post ligament, soft tissue, and tendon surgery.

Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Arm Sling with Pad

Ideally suited to help to rest the arm and immobilise shoulder after injury.

Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Clavicle Support

The Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Clavicle Support is ideally suited following clavicle fracture or round shoulder.

Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Knee Immobiliser Brace

Designed for paediatric use for post-operative immobilisation.

Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Posture Control Brace Age 5-7

Ideally suited to help correct poor posture by gently holding the shoulders back.

Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Walking Boot

The Bodytonix Heroes Paediatric Walking Boot ideally suited folol wing post ligament, soft tissue,and tendon surgery.

Bodytonix Postural Support

Ideal for maintaining correct posture, reducing upper back pain as well as improving upper body alignment.

Bodytonix Protect Pneumatic Walker

Versatile walker designed for the treatment of stable fractures of the lower leg, foot and ankle, severe ankle pains and generally for post-operative use.

Bodytonix 4-Way Elastic Elbow Support

Perfect for supporting weak or injured elbows whilst playing sports or it can be used for everyday use.

Bodytonix Air Gel Ankle Brace

Ideal for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, plantar flexion contractures, arch pain and strain, and pronation.

Bodytonix Arm Sling

The Bodytonix Arm Sling is designed for easy application and adjustment with an extra deep pocket to improve arm positioning following injury/strain.

Bodytonix Elast Lumbar Support With EVA Pad

The Bodytonix Elast Lumbar support with removable EVA pad is a fully functional back support that provides excellent compression and support to help relieve back pain and strain.

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