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Physioworx Needle Pump

Hand pump with plastic nozzle and needle pin attachment.

Physioworx Oval Balance Pad Small - (28.5cm x 16cm)

Challenge your core control, balance and posture with this soft, multidirectional foam pad.

Physioworx Pilates Ball

The Physioworx Pilates Ball offers a wide range of balance, stability, and is a core function product for fitness and rehabilitation.

Physioworx Portable Aluminium Treatment Chair

Stands at just 9kg in weight, without secrificing the sturdiness of it's steel counterpart.

Physioworx Premium Portable Steel Treatment Chair

Portable chair from Physioworx, enabling clinicians to treat patients/clients from an upright position.

Physioworx PVC Free Child Seating Wedge

Encourages active sitting to promote correct posture and improve core stability.

Physioworx Rip Cohesive Tape

An easily tearable tape which adheres to itself, meaning no pins or clips are needed. Soft yet strong fabric.

Physioworx Soft Massage Balls

These Soft PVC massage balls with the addition of small nodules for deeper tissue stimulation.

Physioworx Speed Reaction Balls

The speed reaction ball is designed to improve hand/eye co-ordination, speed agility and reaction.

Physioworx Square Balance Pad

Challenge your core control, balance and posture with this soft, multidirectional foam pad.

Physioworx Step Balance Dome

The Physioworx Step Dome is designed to increase balance, core stability, and general fitness. 

Physioworx Stretch Board

The popular Physioworx Stretch Board will help increase leg strength while improving the flexibility and elasticity of your muscles.      

Physioworx Stretch Board with Adjustable Angle

Stretch out to relieve muscle tightness with the Physioworx Stretch Board with Adjustable Angle.      

Physioworx Tan Tape

Rigid strapping tape which provides a strong support for joints during high stress sporting activity.

Physioworx Tear EAB

A lightweight elastic adhesive tape which provides excellent conformability.

Physioworx Therapeutic Hand Putty - 2.3kg

Physioworx colour coded resistive hand exercise putty is designed for hand therapy through strengthening exercise regimes, for those who are suffering from arthritis, repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel or are recovering from a  hand injury or operation.