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Physioworx Burst Resistant Gym Ball

The Physioworx Burst Resistant Gym Ball is very popular and has become a common feature of physiotherapy clinics, fitness centres, and general home exercise. 

Physioworx Burst Resistant Peanut Ball

The Physioworx Burst Resistant Peanut Gym Ball takes a unique approach to the conventional spherical designs, the wider shape provides a little more stability with the grooved centre being ergonomically more beneficial during exercise.

Physioworx Carry Bag for Exercise Mat

This carry bag makes it easy for you to transport your exercise mat from place to place.

Physioworx Cheltenham Massage Table

Contoured Electric Massage table designed for constant heavy use.  Suitable for use in Physio and Chiropractic clinics.

Physioworx Club EAB

A high twist, cotton elastic cloth which is a Zinc-oxide and latex-free based adhesive.

Physioworx Coloured Zinc Oxide Sports Tape

This Zinc Oxide Tape features strong adhesion, serrated edge and easy unwind.

Physioworx Curve Base Wobble Cushion

Training with a wobble cushion provides an unstable surface to challenge the core to stabilise the body.

Physioworx Deluxe Physio Treatment Saddle Stool

Professional saddle stool ideal for any clinic, helping clinicians posture while treating patients.

Physioworx E-Pulse 200 Tens Machine

Electrotherapy consist of passing mild electrical impulses through your skin into the nerve fibres which lie below.

Physioworx E-Pulse 300 EMS Tens Machine

A TENS unit will ease pain, and should result in a decrease of drug intake.

Physioworx E-Pulse 300 Tens machine

Will help reduce pain and is used as a popular tool by Physiotherapists

Physioworx Electrodes - Square 4 x 4cm - Self Adhesive - 4 Pack

Economy electrodes for TENS applications.

Physioworx EVA Foam Exercise Roller

Made of EVA foam to resist moisture the Physioworx Foam Roller can be used in physiotherapy and as part of Pilates or Yoga workouts, fitness routines, and rehabilitation training.

Physioworx EVA interlocking Exercise Mat

This versatile design allows you to create/build an exercise area to suit your requirements - just keep adding.

Physioworx Exercise Mat

Ideal for all floor exercises requiring cushioning.

Physioworx Exercise Tube with Sleeve & Handles 1.35m

These sleeved tubes are excellent for rehabilitation, fitness, flexibility and general training.