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5Mhz Probe for Flux 200

5Mhz Probe for Diaped Flux-200  

Anatomical Foot Model (Set of 3)

Diaped foot models can be used to teach the anatomy of the foot and the various foot types.

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

This Blood Pressure Kit uses an aneroid gauge which is most popular among doctors and nurses due to its reliability and durability.

Babinski Reflex Hammer

Generally used for testing for reflexes.

Buck Neurological Hammer

With metal handle.

Diabetic Foot Model

Diaped® Educational Tools consist of full and half foot models representing the three stages of various ulcer development in the Diabetic Foot. Each foot model is designed to aid in patient education in order to demonstrate the importance of proper foot care for diabetic patients.  &...

Diaped Duosoft Plus

For individuals with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet.

Diaped Duosoft Therapeutic

Designed to provide cushioning, accommodation and absorbency required for the Diabetic/insensate foot.

Diaped Flux-200 Vascular Doppler

A pocket sized doppler for physicians, surgeons and other clinical specialists.

Diaped Lesionometer

Simple, but very useful tool for measuring lesion and ulcer size.

Diaped Monofilaments - 25 Pack

A reliable, cost effective method of testing sensory perception in the feet of diabetic patients.

Diaped MonoGripper

An easy use handle for testing sensory perception via the Diaped Monofilament (NV0992).

Diaped Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

The definitive early warning tool in the fight against Neuropathic Ulceration.

Diaped Optional Cooling Stand for Twin-Tip

Diaped Optional Cooling Stand is for use with the Diaped Twin-Tip® Device

Diaped Plantar Gel Sock

The Diaped Plantar Gel Sock provides added support, protection, and comfort for the diabetic foot.

Diaped Solesee

Solesee is a discreet, portable and easy to use mirror for people with high risk feet conditions.

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