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Low Density EVA - Blue-Light Blue

For great looking orthoses. Tried and trusted EVA with marble pattern

Low Density EVA - Blue-White

Low Density EVA - Blue & White

Low Density EVA - Green-Blue-Yellow

Low Density EVA - Green, Blue & Yellow

Medium Density EVA - 5 Colour Mix

Medium Density EVA - 5 Colour Mix

Medium Density EVA - Black-Purple

Colourful EVA foams ideal for coverings. Shore A50.

Medium Density EVA - Green-Blue-Black

Medium Density EVA - Green, Blue & Black

Medium Density EVA - Red-Green-Purple

Colourful EVA foams ideal for coverings. Shore A50

Memory V9

Memory V-9 is a slow release cushioning material made from Nitryl PVC rubber.

Multi-Density Orthotic Blanks

Multi-Density Blocks are manufactured from Easy Mill EVA as standard.

Orthabond Contact Adhesive

Introducing Aortha OrthaBond contact adhesive ideal for orthotics. This adhesive is a Toluene FREE, high-performance contact adhesive.

Orthashell Orthotic Blanks

The Orthashell combines a unique blend of polymerized polypropylene and extruded extracts of Ertacetal to produce a shell that is extremely flexible and virtually unbreakable.

Podiatric Felt

Podiatric Felt is a high quality wool based felt perfect for use in orthotic manufacture.

Poron Swatch

A range of Poron in different colours, thicknesses and types

PPC Orthotic Blanks (10 Pairs)

Ready to use, orthotic blanks made from Aortha PPC in a variety of colours for a quick, high quality custom orthotic. 


Resilient, comfortable and durable material making it ideal for use in producing orthotics.

PU Orthotic Blanks for CAD-CAM

PU blanks combine different density of materials to increase functionality of the finished orthotic.