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DeZolve Cleaning Solution - 1 Litre

Aortha DeZolve is an organic liquid compound used to dissolve contact adhesives.

Drape - Extra Soft - Semi-Transparent

Extra Soft Semi-Transparent Prosthetic Squares. Use for: Highly flexible prosthetic appliances.

Drape - Extra Soft - Silicone

Extra Soft Opaque Silicone Prosthetic Squares. Use for: Highly flexible sockets that are very smooth touch.

Drape - Extra Soft - Stealth

Extra Soft Stealth Prosthetic Squares. Use for: Highly flexible prosthetic appliances.

Drape - Soft

Drape Soft Prosthetic Square. Use for transparent rigid check sockets.

Drape - Stiff

Stiff Transparent Prosthetic Squares. Use for: Transparent rigid check sockets.

Drape - Supra Soft - Semi-Transparent

Supra Soft Semi-Transparent Prosthetic Squares. Use for: Extremely flexible prosthetic sockets.

Dual Density EVA Blocks

Dual density combinations enable quick and efficient manufacturing of dual density orthotics.

EVA Orthotic Blanks

Die-cut and ready to use with your current CAD-CAM milling station.

GP Diabet - Medium Density

Introducing the GP Diabet medical grade sheeting - A special foot cushioning material which has the ability to return to 100% of its initial form.

Grey Evazote EV50

Introducing the Multi-denstiy Evazote sheets - The EV50 sheet is comprised of a closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foam.  Evazote foams are tougher and more resilient than Plastazote foams and are mainly used in a wide range of sports & leisure and footwear applicati...

Homopolymer Polypropylene for CAD-CAM

Homopolymer polypropylene is a pure polypropylene that offers a high strength-to-weight ration.

Ironman Rubber Covering

The Ironman Rubber Covering is an incredibly thin material at only 0.9mm thickness that provides abrasion resistance.


The K-Absortex is the most advanced applied fabric used in teh textile industry! Due to its construction, the K-Absortex fabric absorbs humidity within the shoe or appliance.

Low Density EVA - Beige

Marble Effect EVA perfect for paediatric orthoses

Low Density EVA - Black-Grey

Low Density EVA - Black/Grey Marble Effect