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Actigrip Neoprene Cement

Introducing the high-performance, high strength ActiGrip Neoprene Cement Adhesive - perfect for footwear manufacture. 

ActiThin Neoprene Thinner & Cleaner

The ActiThin Neoprene Thinner and Cleanner Thinner has a high solvent content making it ideal for thinning of Neoprene adhesives.

Algefoam - Blue - Shore A20

Algefoam - Blue - Shore A20

Algefoam - Red - Shore A20

Algefoam - Red - Shore A20

Algefoam - White - Shore A20

Algefoam - White - Shore A20

Algelite Pebble Finish

Algelite Pebble Finish. Shore A65. Several colours available.  

Aortha ABS

General purpose material that suits applications where robustness is paramount.

Aortha ActiGrip Extra Neoprene Cement

Aortha ActiGrip Extra is a very strong initial tack for efficient working and batch production processes making it ideal for footwear production and large volume orthotic manufacturing runs.

Aortha AirLite EVA

Low density EVA, ideal for use as a cushioning and covering material.

Aortha Beige MLD EVA

Covering & midsole material made to last.

Aortha Bench Grinder

The aortha Bench Grinder has been distinctively engineered to cater for smaller workshops where space is limited.

Aortha Blue MLD EVA

Robust, but comfortable covering & midsole material made to last and endure

Aortha Covering Rolls

Leather-Tec Orthotic Covering Rolls Clean, waste reducing, convenient solution for foot orthotic and insole covers. Leather-Tec is a NEW microfibre lining material that looks and feels like real leather. Leather-Tec is 100% breathable and has many of the advanced properties of modern synt...

Aortha Drape AntiBac

Reduces socket discolouration and prevents odours.

Aortha Dynamic - Square - Transparent (343 x 343 x 15mm)

Offering high impact strength, Dynamic can be rapidly thermoformed at low energy consumption and can withstand extreme degrees of stretching.

Aortha Dynamic Prosthetic Squares

Pre-cut material, cut to smaller managable sizes.

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