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Aortha Silicone Spray - 500ml


Aortha Silicone Spray - 500ml 

Reference: QA3090

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The Aortha Silicone Spray, is a silicone based aerosol that is colourless, odourless, heat stable and non-toxic, making it safe for most surfaces and materials. It is widely used in orthotics and prosthetics for lubrication, waterproofing, adhesive prevention and stopping dust and dirt build-up created by static electricity.


  • Prevents textiles and materials from dragging and puckering.
  • Friction and heat reduction in cutting and drilling.
  • Mould release in inkection moulding.
  • Waterproofing fabrics, irethanes and prosthetic linings.
  • Stops material adhesion to knives and other cutting tools.
  • Safe for most surfaces.

Size: 500ml


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