Foot Sanding Discs - 15mm (with Mandrel)


Replaceable sanding paper discs, medium grit. They adhere easily and secure to the mandrel provided in the box.

Product Description

Product Description: 

  • Stays firmly in place when using the drill.
  • More cost effective than buying discs and mandrels separate.
  • Single use discs make them a hygienic alternative.
  • Presentation: Pack of 100 sanding discs and one mandrel
  • Available Diameters: 15 or 25 mm 

How to use:

Peel the protective layer and place the adhesive side of one sanding paper disc directly onto the smooth surface of the mandrel provided. Place the mandrel in the drill.


100 per box - with additonal Mandrel FOC.

Alternative to Moores Discs.