Stylish design with powder-coated sheet metal bends in combination with moulded wood.
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Product Description

The perfect mobile foot bath. Large lockable castors make it easy to manoeuvre and two levels provide space for foot tub and accessories. 

The tub with pimpled bottom is made of sturdy plastic.


RUCK PODOLOG POOL Podiatry Bath Features & Benefits:

  • Stylish design with two levels for hot tub and accessories. 
  • Made of power-coated sheet metal and robust heat resistant plastic tub with rubbed base.
  • Easily manoeurvrable on four castors, two are lockable. 
  • Suitable for paraffin heaters.

Dimensions: L 39.5 x W 30.5 x H 20.5 cm 

Total Height: 44cm 

Warranty: 2 years