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Reusable Hot & Cold Gel pack - Nylon cover

Reusable Hot & Cold Gel pack - Nylon cover

Reusable Hot & Cold Gel pack - Nylon cover 


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Product Features & Benefits:

  • The bags are reusable, microwavable and can be easily wiped clean.
  • Cover material: Nylon
  • Available in 3 different pack sizes


Sprains, strains, twists, dislocation, chronic injuries, for soothing pain, reducing swelling and helping you heal faster.

  • Heat: Heat therapy is commonly used on chronic or acute injuries that result in stiffness, soreness or pain.
  • Cold: Use it immediately after exercising or after incurring an injury. The cold temperature restricts the flow of blood to a swollen or inflamed joint, muscle, ligament or tendon and helps numb the area. Not only will this provide temporary pain relief but it will also protect the tissues from becoming damaged.



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Good Value

"Well priced cold pack which does what it says.Needed quite a few of these to resell to patients and Algeos did me a volume good deal. "

by Robbie Cambell (Guest)