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Back and Neck

A range of products helping treat neurological tone, lost range of motion, left and forward head leaning and curve...


A range of products helping treat the tightest closed palm, effectively and comfortably treat any wrist/hand/finge...


A range of paediatric splints and braces for hand, wrist, feet and arms.


A range of braces and splints to assist with treating mild to severe contractures of the arm.


Splint and braces helping restore flexion lost range of motion and Soft splints to address the tightest closed kne...


A range of products that safely and comfortably treats inversion or eversion, foot/ankle contractures, foot drop a...


These products safely treats hip adduction & scissoring.


Accessories to be used with Restorative Medical products.

Voxelcare VCP4000 Pressure Plate

Voxelcare VCP4000 Pressure Plate

The VCP4000 Wireless Pressure Plate consist of 4096 pressure sen...

Voxelcare VCP1600 Pressure Plate

Voxelcare VCP1600 Pressure Plate

The VCP1600 Pressure Plate is an accurate and cost-effective way...

Voxelcare 3D Laser Foambox Scanner

Voxelcare 3D Laser Foambox Scanner

The 3D Laser Foambox Scanner provides an efficient and powerful...

Clinic Set Up - Decontamination bundle

Clinic Set Up - Decontamination bundle

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