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Renia Thixofix

Renia Thixofix

Renia Thixofix 

Reference: RA1157

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This specially designed cement is anti-drip and fast acting. Thixo-tropic Polychloroprene cement, specifically developed for bonded most materials used in shoes, bags, leather clothing, and car appliances. Does not bond PVC. Free of toluene.


All materials used in shoes like leather, rubber, EVA, TR, felt, cork, PUR, etc. can be bonded, but not on plastified PVC. This thixo-tropic (non dripping) adhesive is especially suited to work inside the shoe or for fixing zippers. After bonding, the parts can be sewed immediately: the thread channel in the needle remains clean. Especially suited for allergic subject: free of Tertiary-Butyl-Phenol.

Hardener cannot be used with this adhesive.

Open Time:

5 - 20 minutes depending on the material combination.
Thixo-FIX can be dried with an infrared lamp or heat gun. Using a IR-Lamp 80°C: 3 minutes. Usinga shock-activator: 3 seconds.

Size: 650g.



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