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Quick-Sil Starter Kit


Quick-Sil Starter Kit 

Reference: OG2010

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Quick-Sil is a silicone application system that uses a cartridge-loading gun to correctly distribute a supersoft silicone. Utilising Shore A2 blue silicone, Quick-Sil provides a custom layer of skin compatable, viscoelastic silicone.

The starter kit includes:

  • 2 x 50ml Cartridges.
  • Mixing Gun.
  • 10 x Static Mixers.
  • Quick-Prime Kit.


  • Sets in five minutes or less.
  • New QuickPrime adhesive primer creates a firm bond to almost any material.
  • Mixes automatically through static mixer.
  • No air bubbles.
  • No waste - use only what you need and store the rest.
  • Non-shrinking.
  • Self-leveling, no grinding necessary.
  • Water permeable for dispersal of moisture.


  • Create pressure relief areas in orthoses, especially for diabetics and arthritics.
  • Create soft areas in customized footwear.
  • Create forefoot prostheses and "bumpers".
  • Protective pads in body jackets, splints, and other devices.
  • Posterior calcaneal relief.
  • Ulnar styloid relief.


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