Powder Free Textured Latex Gloves


Latex gloves containing natural rubber latex. Low residual proteins to minimise the risk of allergies.

Product Description
A disposable glove that has an AQL rating of 1.5 and complies with Medical Standard EN455 Class I.
  • Made from natural latex. Contains accelerators and latex which may cause allergic reactions.
  • Compliant with the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745 Class 1
  • Tested to European Standards EN455: Medical Gloves for Single Use parts 1,2,3&4

Powder Free Textured Latex Gloves Features & Benefits: 

  • Exceptional elasticity, it is neither constricting or restrictive, providing maximum flexibility and comfort even when worn for long periods. 
  • Double chlorinated for a smooth finish.
  • Textured fingertips present increased grip allowing for secure handling of objects and instruments. 
  • With a beaded cuff adding strength and preventing liquid roll back, the Powder-Free Latex glove is strong and reliable with maximum sensitivity, dexterity and comfort. 
Pack size: Pack of 100.