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Product Focus

PORON Urethanes

PORON is a microporous polyurethane foam which is able to cushion effectively the stepshock of walking and running. Its open cell structure gives the material the ability to absorb a measure of the moisture vapour generated by the active foot.



*Further information and detailed product specifications can be found at the manufacturers web site here 


The highest degree of shock absorption

More shock absorption in the insole means less shock to feet and joints. And no other insole materials offer more shock absorption than PORON cellular urethanes. In side-by-side drop weight tests, PORON materials outperformed vinyl sponge, neoprene sponge, sponge rubber, latex foam and solid viscoelastic. Which is why PORON materials offer the best cushion against impact.

Maximum retention of comfort and flexibility

PORON urethanes are made without plasticizers, which means the insole won't shrink or become brittle and crack with age. PORON urethane insoles retain "like-new" softness and flexibility, resisting the tendency of other insole materials to bottom out and take a permanent compression set. This results in maximum comfort for the life of the shoe.

A breathable layer to help feet stay dry and cool

Insoles made with PORON urethane material form permeable layers that draw water vapour and perspiration away from the foot, helping to keep shoes and feet dry, while reducing foot odour.

It all adds up to performance

Superior performance in just about every conceivable category, and resistance to abrasion, friction, tension, and stitch stress. PORON urethanes are lightweight, smooth to the touch, and resist piping, for the greatest degree of shoe comfort, over the greatest length of time.

A PORON insole for every kind of shoe

The PORON material product line offers a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, densities and surface textures to accommodate any kind of shoe for almost any activity - from the everyday wear associated with dress shoes, to the rigorous demands placed on shoes worn during high-impact sports and exercise. And if the precise PORON material doesn't already exist, one can be custom formulated for the needs of a specific insole, shoe, activity or manufacturer's physical and aesthetic requirements. Contact us for further details.

Typical PORON applications