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Poron Dual Layer

Poron Dual Layer

Poron Dual Layer 

Reference: OB2154


PORON Dual Layer is a new multi functional foot cushioning material available from Algeos. This high performance urethane combines the durability and shock absorbing qualities of PORON 4000, with the softness and comfort of PORON 94, resulting in a superior dual layer foam.

Dual Layers

The bottom layer of PORON Dual Layer is made from PORON 4000. The material is blue in colour and designed to reduce impact to the feet and joints by providing advanced shock absorption and increased cushioning support.
The top layer is made from a softer, lighter PORON 94 that is a distinctive salmon colour. This top layer has a slow rebound effect that redistributes pressure around the foot's plantar surface, providing enhanced cushioning. The top layer provides a support structure by moulding itself to the contours of the foot giving optimum comfort and stability.

Unique Features

PORON Dual Layer is formed by a unique patent-pending technology that involves no laminates or adhesives.

This original method of manufacture creates a merged cell structure generating a strong bond between the two layers,making the material more durable.

PORON Dual Layer is produced without the use of plasticisers, which prevent the material from hardening or shrinking, extending the life of PORON Dual Laminate and guaranteeing longterm softness and comfort.

PORON Dual Layer also contains layers of permeable, anti-fungal cells that encourage moisture and vapour away from the foot itself. Thisfeature increases the efficiency of ventilation, keeping the foot cool, dry and odour free.

  • Durable - Merged cell structure
  • High Quality - Long-term softness and flexibility
  • Breathable - Keeps foot cool, dry and odourless
  • Cushioning - Prevents excess stress to foot
  • Support - Conforms to the individual foot
  • Comfort - Exceptionally smooth to the touch

Ideal Uses

High quality cushioning for uses in Chiropody, Podiatry and Physiotherapy

Provides advanced protection against pressure points when used in specialist diabetic shoes and insoles

Can be used for counter paddings and forefoot linings in high performance footwear for protection against the shoe upperrs.

Contains Microban.

Colour: Pink/Blue.
Thickness: 4mm.
Sheet size: 1370 x 1000mm.


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