Poron 92

PORON Performance Urethane materials, which are open cell, offer unique characteristics making them the ideal material selection for a variety of shoe applications. These materials offer exceptional energy absorption, dimensional stability, and breathability while providing superior comfort for the life of the shoe.
Ultra soft Poron with slow rebound, Poron 92 is a unique custom contouring material that contains Microban.

Product Description


  • Footbeds 
  • Covered foot orthotics
  • Sockliners.
  • Tongue padding.
  • Collar cushions.
  • Ankle pads.
  • Cushion counters.
  • Shock absorbing footpads.
  • Pressure distribution pads


  • Long-term Comfort
  • Compression-set Resistance
  • Open Cell – Breathable
  • Microcellular Structure
  • Fungal Resistant

Colour: Red
Sheet size: 1370 x 1000mm.