With the PODOLOG STOOL BIOSWING, you can promote a healthy back while sitting.
Product Description

PODOLOG STOOL BIOSWING Practitioner Chair Features:

The unique pendulum principle allows movement in all directions and returns energy. With this function you strengthen and stabilise your back muscles sub-consciously. 
The backrest adjustment ensures an optimal adjustment to your body measurements and the seat depth adjustment (5cm) for the correct sitting depth. Seat and backrest inclination can also be adjusted. Superstable moulded wood covers both the seat and the back and provides the attractive design. This model is also available with a high-impact CPL coating in white.
Seat depth
The seat depth adjustment allows you to individually adjust the seat area to fit the thigh length.
Back adjustment
Backrest inclination individually adjustable and lockable.
Back height
Back height-adjustable for adjustment of spinal column dimensions.
Seat tilt
To support the physiologically correct pelvic tilt, the seat surface can be adjusted either with permanent contact or at any angle.
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