PODOLOG STELLA 3 Cushion Overlay Set

Cotton chair cushion protectors to prevent staining and ensure hygienic clinic environment, it is also washable.
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Product Description

PODOLOG STELLA 3 Cushion Overlay Set Features:

The RUCK cushion set transforms the PODOLOG STELLA 2 into an ultra-comfortable treatment couch in no time. This allows you to offer additional services without needing extra space.

Here's how it works:

The gap between the calf support and extended foot supports is filled with a cushion, creating a continuous surface of over 210cm in length. The cushion overlay is made of a viscoelastic foam, as used in high-quality mattresses, for an additional comfort. It is covered with a durable synthetic leather that reacts to heat and moulds itself to the body's contours. The soft towelling cover drapes snugly over the top. For treatments where patients lie on their front there is a nose hole in the cushion, which when closed is covered by a special nose hole cover of towelling material. 

The complete set to transform the PODOLOG STELLA 2 into a beauty treatment couch with a continuous surface for the client to lie on includes:

  • Two-coloured cushion overlay
  • Extra cushion
  • Towelling cover - white