RUCK ROOM Classic Cabinet

Classic Podiatry cabinet with high mobility and functionality and smooth drawers.
As low as £1,646.40

Product Description

RUCK ROOM Classic Cabinet Features:

This Classic Podiatry Cabinet of high quality cabinet is available in 2 sizes to suit the needs of your clinic and boasts functionality and hygiene statements. 

Technical specifications

  • Coated with a 3D Thermofoil, which has proven itself in the medical field in many cases.
  • Closed cover plate with soft edge for easy cleaning.
  • Smooth-running lockable plastic rollers.
  • Variable height, swivel hand piece holder.
  • Drawers with double-wall, super stable and easy running, close to fingertip!
  • Unique locking comfort through integrated soft close technology.
  • Upper drawer with subdivided insert.
  • 2 function columns for manoeuvring and as a support for light and accessories.
  • Rear with large ventilation grille and additional single socket for external devices.
  • Practical accessory as an option: Stainless steel disposal containers for consumables and stainless steel instrument tray with special mount.

Optional Extras

  • Additional instrument compartment inserts which are size specific to your chosen cabinet.
  • Silicone mat which is sized specific to your cabinet.
  • LED light drawer, which allows you to present your instruments in a professional light. With large storage space and removable stainless steel plate floor.
  • Stainless steel instrument tray with special mount.
  • Stainless steel waste container with special mount.
  • High and spacious deep drawer. Note RK0453 includes the deep drawer as standard.
  • RUCK PODOLOG hose load holder.
  • Hand piece holder to fit each RUCK drill.



Cabinet Body WxHxD: 45 x 82 x 48 cm includes column
Drill Compartment BxH: 28 x 14.5 cm


Cabinet Body WxHxD: 65 x 82 x 48 cm includes column
Drill Compartment BxH: 28 x 14.5 cm