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Consumables & Appliances

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Latest Products

New additions to our constantly growing podiatry range.

Heel Up Off Loading Device

Heel Up offloading device for treating and preventing pressure ulcers on the heel.

Physio and Exercise Equipment

Physio and exercise equipment, including latex bands, balance boards, exercise balls, etc.

Foot & Nail Care

Everyday Podiatry consumables: Nail treatments, antiseptics, anti-fungal, anaesthetics, caustics, and foot creams.

Silipos Gels

Silipos gels easily conform to the body ensuring a comfortable fit that cushions and protects.

Padding & Felts

Affordable hypoallergenic felts and foams for podiatric care.

Blades & Burs

Surgical blades, blade removal kits and handles. A comprehensive range of burs, abrasive caps and discs.

Woundcare & Dressings

Specialist range of bandages, strappings, dressings, gauze and products for wound management.

Fungal Nail Solutions

Fungal Nail Treatment Solutions - An easy way to treat and prevent fungal nail infection.

Acupuncture Needles

A wide range of Acupuncture needles with steel, copper, plastic handles with or without guide tubes.

Clinic Hygiene

General consumables including surface disinfectants, hand sanitisers, gloves, cotton wool and theatre we...

Bodytonix Soft Bracing

Bodytonix is a high quality brand from Algeos offering a wide range of bracing and support solotions to rehabilita...

Darco Shoes & Braces

Darco is dedicated to being the leading provider of post op, trauma and wound care solutions.

Restorative Medical Splints

Static Splints with Dynamic Properties and Technologies that Provide Therapeutic Positioning.

Diaped Diabetic Socks

Non restrictive diabetic socks specifically designed for diabetics and those with circulation problems.

Hot & Cold Therapy

An effective way to treat injuries, often used by Physiotherapists.

Podiatry Instruments

Wide range of Nova and Diaped instruments, including everything required in a busy clinic.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is designed to stimulate the blood circulation, massage muscles and help relieve tension.

Taping & Strapping

Taping, straping and fixation solution for the busy physio room.

Splints and Supports

Innovative range of splints, supports and gneral foot care appliances.  

Rehabilitation Aids

Includes foot exercisers, kids rehab devices, latex bands and Achilles stretch boards. 

Plaster Cast Protection

ProtectaCast are waterproof covers to protect your cast or dressing whilst you shower, bathe or swim.

Walkers and Splints

Walkers and splints for ankle and lower limb conditions.

Full range of professional footcare items for the busy podiatry clinic.

Seat All - Tailbone

Seat All - Tailbone

Seat All - Tailbone cushion for the prevention and treatment of...



Dynamic kneeling system, prevent professional injuries.



Innovative modular limb support for patient comfort and infectio...

Malleo Ankle Support

Malleo Ankle Support

Provides support for damaged tissues and prevents further injury...

Full Foot AFO

Full Foot AFO

Provides static dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability fo...

Podiatry Carry Case

Podiatry Carry Case

This Carry Case for portable equipment can hold your drill unit,...


Fine Pointed Ingrown Podiatry Nipper

Fine Pointed Ingrown Straight Jaw Nipper with double spring acti...

SterilAir Pro

SterilAir Pro

Sterilair PRO is a sterilisation system that protects your patie...

Diaped Duosoft Flow Insoles

Diaped Duosoft Flow Insoles

Designed for people with Diabetes, Arthritis, or other condition...

Reusable Face Shield PET Adjustable

Reusable Face Shield PET Adjustable

This day-to-day shield offers full-face protection coverage (eye...