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Physioworx Tone Loops

Physioworx Tone Loops

Physioworx Tone Loops 


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These are high quality latex exercise bands in a continuous loop that are used in specific rehabilitation and training.  Using the tone loop will increase your muscle strength, stamina and co-ordination.

Ideal for both upper limb and lower limb strength training.  Lower extremity patients use band loops for resisted lateral walking, hip abduction, and ankle dorsiflexion.  Upper extremety patients use the tone loops for shoulder abduction and external rotation.

Available in 4 resistances.


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Better than resistance exercise bands for many exercises

"<p> These loops are a good alternative to standard resistance exercise bands. I prefer them for exercises where the band is placed around both legs and for exercises where a narrower band is more practical. However due to their set length they will obviously not be quite as versatile as a typical resistance exercise band. Another advantage of these loops are that they are not painful like resistance bands are when used by people with bare hairy legs.</p> "

by Tom (Guest)