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Physioworx Hot & Cold Bag with Screw Top

Physioworx Hot & Cold Bag with Screw Top

Physioworx Hot & Cold Bag with Screw Top 


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The Hot/Cold Screw Top Bag is ideal for use on all injuries that require hot or cold therapy.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • The ice bag features a large mouth screw top to safely hold ice or hot water when using for hot/cold therapy.
  • Fill the durable bag with ice cubes or ice-cold water and place the bag onto the affected area to improve recovery.
  • The pleated design allows the bag fabric to conform to the contours of the body for maximum comfort and effectiveness.
  • Applying cold compression immediately following an injury drastically improves recovery times.
  • The bag is reusable, economical, and easy to use for all body parts.

Availability: 15cm, 23cm and 28cm diameter.


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