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Physioworx E-Pulse 300 EMS Tens Machine

Physioworx E-Pulse 300 EMS Tens Machine 

Reference: PX0360

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Physioworx E-Pulse 300 EMS Tens Machine

Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable 0-80mA peak into 500 Ω load each channel, constant current
Pulse Rate: 1Hz-160Hz (adjustable), 1Hz/step (1-20Hz), 5Hz/step (20-160Hz)
Pulse Width: a. 50-260μs Adjustable for TENS, 10μs/step.
                      b. 250μs Fixed for EMS.
Software Ramp Up feature: By changing mode, the output will reset to zero then ramp up to its original setting intensity. It will protect users from a sudden surge.
Patient Compliance Counter: Shows the treatment times in hours.
Patient Lock System: Prevents the user from changing any fixed parameters set by the physician or licensed practitioner.
Timer: 15, 30, 60 minute and continuous mode selectable.
LCD: TENS - Show modes, pulse rate, pulse width, timer and CH1/CH2 on LCD panel.
EMS - Show modes, pulse rate, on time, off time, timer and CH1/CH2 on LCD panel.


Please note that batteries and electrodes are not included.

Electrodes can be purchased here for £3.00.


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