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AntiMYX Cream

peclavus® special AntiMYX Cream  


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Not only has Papaya made a name for itself on account of its nutritional value, but it is also exceptionally versatile when it comes to topical use thanks to its highly effective Papain enzyme. This enzyme offers a whole host of benefits that are particularly ideal for treating mycosis of the foot.

The AntiMYX Cream itself absorbs quickly, has a subtle scent and leaves skin feeling pleasantly soft. It also promotes a more supple complexion, improves moisture control, soothes itchiness and irritation and offers a cooling and calming effect thanks to its special formulation.

Ideal for: Inflammation, nail and skin fungus. 

Application: Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin and gently massage.

  • Active ingredient: Papaya.
  • Action: Moisturising, soothing and cooling.
  • Skin type: Dry.


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