Peclavus Basic Moisturising Foot Cream

The peclavus® PODOcare Moisturising Foot Cream is the ideal treatment for dry and chapped skin. The cream has highly effective moisturising and antibacterial properties which nourish the skin and form a solid protective barrier when applied. The Moisturising Foot Cream is enriched with Camphor and Menthol to deliver a sense of freshness while actively soothing and cooling irritated problem areas.
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Product Description
Ideal for: Dry and chapped skin. Application: Depending on requirements, apply a small amount once a day to the affected area. Absorbs immediately. Effect: Active ingredient: Camphor, Menthol. Action: Intensive moisturising, intense soothing and cooling. Skin type: Dry. Natural and organic ingredients Gentle manufacturing processes Environmentally friendly practices No animal testing No synthetic fragrances or dyes No ingredients from petroleum chemistry (Paraffins, PEG, -propyl, -alkyl, etc.) No silicone oils or derivatives No genetically modified ingredients (Based on the EU regulations) No irradiation of end products or herbal ingredients