Peanut Ball x 50cm Peanut Ball | Pump Sold Separately


Ideal for fitness at home, balance improvement, rehabilitation and athletic exercises, yoga, pregnancy.

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Product Description

Physioworx Burst Resistant Peanut Ball

Multiple uses for adults and children. Exercise, classroom, fun outside and even yoga. The exercise balls are very versatile and allows the individual to really concentrate on core stability which is vital for improving sitting posture, strength, flexibility and balance.

Balance Tool: This peanut shaped physio exercise ball is a great option for integrating movement & balance into therapy without the rolling and rocking of traditional exercise balls. Kids can still get the movement they want but feel more secure!

Body Awareness: Whether kids bounce around or sit on it like a saddle, this exercise ball is an excellent tool for improving balance & core stability. It’s also great for encouraging a healthy posture & body awareness.

Active Seating: For children who have the wiggles and struggle with sitting still, the Fun and Function Peanut Ball can provide active seating & movement! Bounce or ride to get those wiggles out!

Great for Kids: Perfect for kids with gross motor delays. Children can sit on it like a ball chair, rest on their stomach, prop their feet up, or ride it like a’s fun AND functional!

Peanut Shape: The distinct design of the Physioworx Peanut Ball ensures greater stability and control compared to traditional round exercise balls. This shape allows for more targeted and effective support during exercises and therapeutic activities.

Optimal Size: At 50cm, this peanut ball is ideally sized for a wide range of users, from pregnant women to individuals seeking physical therapy or core strengthening exercises. It provides ample support while being easy to handle and use.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, anti-burst PVC material, the Physioworx Peanut Ball is built to withstand rigorous use. Its robust design ensures long-lasting durability and reliability.

Non-Slip Surface: The textured surface of the ball offers enhanced grip and stability, reducing the risk of slipping during use. This feature is particularly beneficial for exercises that require balance and coordination.

Loved for its Durability

Customers love the Physioworx 50cm Peanut Ball for its durability, comfort, and versatility. Pregnant users appreciate the relief and support it provides, while fitness enthusiasts and therapists value its effectiveness in enhancing exercise routines and rehabilitation programs.

Physioworx is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative products that meet the diverse needs of its customers. With a focus on durability, safety, and user satisfaction, the Physioworx 50cm Peanut Ball is a trusted choice for enhancing comfort, support, and effectiveness in various applications.

Ball Specification:

Anti-burst - This product has a weight resistance of approx: 250kg

Easily inflatable with a Physioworx pump (not included)

Dimensions: 48 x 90cm. Ball weight: 900g