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Product Features:

Price of Orthotimer Reader includes Software, Manual & Licence on Disc

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Orthotimer enables, for the first time ever, the documentation of therapeutic aids for your patients over a long period of time. The key component of the Orthotimer system is a very small sensor, which can be very easily integrated into a variety of orthotics and braces. With a wireless readout unit, the wearing time information stored on the sensor is transferred to the respective software. The data can then be shown on a computer and evaluated. With just one click, you can have a wearing time report.

The success of the therapy with time-critical orthopedic aids is directly connected to the discipline the patient shows in wearing the respective aid. For the team treating a patient, it has almost been impossible up to now to measure a poor compliance in the case of a non-functioning orthopedic aid and to figure out why the aid is failing to function properly. Orthotimer is an electronic wearing time system that thoroughly
documents the wearing time of the device for outpatients.

The heart of the Orthotimer system is a small dust and watertight microsensor (9x13x4.5mm) that can be easily integrated in all sorts of aids, for example, orthotic devices, shoes, insoles, prostheses, bandages, medical (compression) stalking, etc. Every sensor features a unique individual ID number and can be automatically connected to the patients registered in the database.


The microsensor is controlled with the wireless reading device and the saved wearing time dates are transferred to the respective software. The reading device is connected to a computer via a USB plug.




Technical Specifications:

  • Dust and watertight.
  • Small and flat, only W9mm x L13mm x H4.5mm.
  • Stores the time, date, and temperature every 15 minutes.
  • Ring buffer with 100 days of storage capacity.
  • Temperature precisions +/- 0.1 °C.
  • Quartz-controlled time measurement (32,768 kHz).
  • Wireless data transfer via RFID technology (ISO 15693).
  • An automatic inspection of the electrical supply status takes place and there’s a transmission of the battery’s state of charge while the patient data is being read. This takes place once every 150 minutes.
  • Lithium dry cell battery 3.0 V/5.5 mAh (a lifespan of at least 18 months).

Product Features:

  • The reader is equipped with a USB plug.
  • Wireless activation of the battery for the registration of the sensor.
  • Wireless reading and transmission of the patient wear times to the Orthotimer software.
  • 2 Year warranty is provided on the reading device.
  • Microsensor, reader, software one.
  • CE Class I (MDD 2007/47/CE) and FDA approved.

Reading Device:

The microsensor is controlled with the wireless reading device and the saved wearing time dates are transferred to the software. The reading device is connected with the computer via a USB plug.











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