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Orthoglide Lower Leg Exerciser

Orthoglide Lower Leg Exerciser

Orthoglide Lower Leg Exerciser 

Reference: PX2136

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The ORTHO-GLIDE  lower limb exerciser – a portable, simple and effective aid to rehabilitation after trauma or surgery and helps to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

  • Easy for the patient to use – slides smoothly on virtually any surface Easier for the practitioner – base & pad assembled and ready to use in seconds.
  • Hygienic – easily cleaned base and disposable insert pads.
  • Comfortable – non-slip cushioned inserts provide comfort and security.
  • Cost effective – reusable base, cost effective insert pads and minimal practitioner time.

ORTHO-GLIDE makes the process of lower limb exercising easier and is helpful in improving range of motion, joint exibility and in regaining muscle tone in a way that is simpler for the practitioner to dispense and easier for the patient to use. Recent concerns regarding the spread of infection have raised doubts about the safety of sharing equipment such as sliding boards. ORTHO-GLIDE has been developed to address these concerns. As ORTHO-GLIDE can also be used in conned areas, this makes the product a suitable aid for exercising to prevent DVT.

ORTHO-GLIDE features a high quality reusable plastic base and replaceable self-adhesive insert pads. The base can be cleaned easily in sterilisation uid or in a steam autoclave after use by each patient. The insert pads are designed for single patient use and are replaced as they become soiled or lose their adhesion.


  • The self-adhesive insert pad is placed in the yellow plastic base with the tongue of the pad aligned with the cut out area of the circular rim of the base. The pad should be placed centrally so that the insert pad covers the whole of the central rim evenly to ensure comfort during use.
  • With the patient in a reclined position, the ORTHO-GLIDEexerciser is aligned so that the tongue of the insert pad is facing the patient and the heel is placed into the cushioned insert.
  • From a fully extended position, the patient slowly bends the knee, sliding the ORTHO-GLIDE exerciser towards the buttocks to bend the knee as much as possible, keeping the toes pointed towards the ceiling.
  • The exercise is completed by sliding the ORTHO-GLIDE exerciser away from the body so that the leg is extended again.
  • The patient should repeat this sliding action, gradually increasing the range of motion as the joints regain exibility.
  • Exercises can also be undertaken in a seated position or by a user on the floor.

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