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OptoGait (10 Metre Kit)
OptoGait in partnership with Podotech

OptoGait (10 Metre Kit)  

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Reference: LM7199

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OptoGait is portable, quick, easy to use and very competitively priced compared to other Gait Analysis systems on the market today.

OptoGait is an innovative system for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients with normal or pathological conditions.

This system comes with an extensive kit, that includes:

(Note: Does not include Laptop or Treadmill)

  • 1 x OptoGait Transmitting Bar (TX) with integrated interface
  • 1 x OptoGait Receiving Bar (RX) with integrated interface
  • 9 x OptoGait Transmitting Bar (TX)
  • 9 x OptoGait Receiving Bar (RX)
  • 18 x OptoGait Bar Connector
  • 2 x OptoGait trolley case for 5m kit (with wheels)
  • 1 x USB Cable 5m (connecting PC to interface)
  • 2 x Mains power supply for 1-30m OptoGait
  • 2 x UK Power Cord (2m) for OptoGait
  • 2 x Webcam for OptoGait
  • 2 x Tripod for OptoGait webcam
  • 2 x USB extension cable OptoGait webcam (5m)
  • 1 x OptoGait Surface EMG cable
  • 3 x Flat-cable for OptoGait 2D configuration (1.5m)
  • 1 x USB flash drive containing software, user manuals, video and other material

The OptoGait modular system allows you to carry out:

Gait Tests can consist of simple exercises (moving from A to B), but also of more complex ones, such as ‘roundtrip’ or walking backwards. They can be more complex if needed, adding obstacles (e.g. plastic cones) or actions to be carried out between the various gait phases (sitting down and getting up before coming back, for example) or simultaneously. Dual task and obstructive task walking, can be easily measured here.
Running Tests
, just like gait tests, can be carried out either starting from a stand or running, to analyze the various phases, how the incremental weariness acts on the patient at each round installing the system on a track, measuring the time of a change of direction and the following acceleration.

Thanks to the practical and innovative assembling system using caps, the modular system is assembled in a few minutes and does not require cables to connect the bars or further net adapters. The length goes from a minimum of 2 meters to a maximum of more than 100 meters.

Larger installations of five meter or plus: allows the patient to walk or run through the machine on nearly any surface. Again, all parameters of gait are easily measured. Differentials, left and right, are noted. Speed and acceleration of each leg can be measured. Every motion in all directions can be analysed for symmetry. The length of the system is flexible. The width of the system can be a maximum of six yards. This affords the clinician the ability to lay out various ‘obstacle courses’ to analyse their patient’s gait.

Demonstration of the 2D capability

(Laptop not included)

Optogait allows users to:

  • Assess objectively the patient’s general physical conditions
  • Identify deficiencies, postural problems and asymmetries on the basis of data and videos and determine how the patients’ performance is being affected.
  • Develop and apply therapeutic-rehabilitation applications, rehab approaches and orthopaedic solutions on the basis of precise data
  • Prevent - thanks to immediate assessment of numerical values - of relapses, complications and involutions of the pathological or post-accident condition due to wrong evaluations or diagnosis
  • Periodically verify the results and the efficacy of treatment
  • Motivate patients giving them tangible proof of improvement
  • Compare post- and pre-accident values if available
  • Verify, in a dynamic situation, the efficacy of arch supports, insoles or functional tapes.
  • Compare various shoes and their effect on the patient’s gait

The quality kit is portable, quick, easy to use and great value for money, being competitively priced, compared to other Gait Analyser systems. (See below)

Quantity and Quality Assessment

OptoGait acquires numerical parameters in real-time for gait, running and jump tests that can be viewed immediately. The easy to read report contains all data, and asymmetries between the two legs are highlighted instantly. OptoGait does not only detect the numerical data, but, via small cameras, which can be freely positioned, it allows the user to acquire images of carried out tests, synchronising them perfectly with detected events. Without the need for any further synchronisation between hardware and cameras, the numerous benefits of cross verification of data and images can be fully used. A more detailed video analysis can be had by further utilising the dedicated utility (angle, distance calculus, graphic tools, etc.).

(Screen shots - below)


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