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What are the minimum requirements of my computer to use the OptoGait software?


Minimum requirements:

A “normal” desktop or notebook with Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, or Windows 7 OS is usually enough to run OptoGait software without problems. Please run Windows Update before the software installation.

Minimum requirements are:

Operating System Microsoft XP SP3 Vista/7/8/10 (32 o 64 bit)
CPU Atom/Centrino i5/ i7
Hard Disk 40 GB 160 GB
Graphic Board Integrated Dedicated (512 Mb or higher)
Display Resolution 1024x600 1600x900 or higher
USB Ports 1 3(OptoGait + 2 webcams)


You can even run the software on less powerful PCs (like netbooks) with some limitations: you don't see real-time video from webcam but you can save and see later the movie. OptoGait needs Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (automatically installed from our setup if not found on the PC). The software is officially supported ONLY on Intel PC with native installations of Microsoft Windows (from Xp Sp3 to 8) and not in virtual environment.

Can I use OptoGait software on an Apple/Mac Computer?


OptoGait software was developed on Windows Systems with the Microsoft .Net Framework. There is no native version for Apple OSX. It is possible to run Microsoft Windows in native mode (boot camp) or in virtualized environments (Vmware, Parallels, etc.) on modern Apple computers. Therefore, you can run OptoGait software on Apple computers this way. We've conducted tests on MacBook pro with Vmware Fusion with very positive results. Conversely, we have issues (dimension of the webcam image) with the virtualization software Parallels. We recommend using Vmware. However the software is officially supported ONLY on Intel PC with native installations of Microsoft Windows and not in virtual environment.

Can I change the webcam?


No, OptoGait is only recommended for use with the supplied webcams – basic and high speed. The high speed webcam specifications and prices are available upon request.

Can I use the OptoGait software on Windows 10?


Yes, it works perfectly with Windows 10.

Are OptoGait software updates included?


Yes, they remain free of charge for the life of your OptoGait. This means you will benefit from enhanced improvements as and when they are released.

Is the patient data transferrable to another computer?


Yes, this is all covered in the User Manual.

How will I be notified of OptoGait software updates?


Each time you open OptoGait software (if connected to the internet), it will check for any new updates and you will be asked to download and install or not.

How do I install the software?


The software is supplied on a data stick or can be downloaded from the internet. All updates to the software will be available on the above web address. The software installation is run in the usual way of installing any software programs to your computer. It is an on screen step by step installation. During this installation the program will install the web cam drivers and create a storage folder for your database.

What type of TV screen is compatible with OptoGait for Patient Biofeedback (i.e. in front of treadmill)?


Any standard commercial TV, which can be connected to a PC, is compatible. Once connected, simply “Extend” display to show the Biofeedback on the patient’s screen. The practitioner continues to see the same OptoGait software screen.

Do I need a soundcard and speakers to use OptoGait?


In order to use the metronome feature, the answer is yes.


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